Who Are We?

Who Are We?

The Club of Volunteers is a special networking space created for those, who dedicate their time for building a better local and international community of volunteers from all the corners of the world.

Our aim is to support them in their personal development, create a safe, friendly space for gaining new competences as well as simply having fun among like-minded people.

Being coordinated by international volunteers brings a multicultural dimension for opinion exchanges, ideas, comments, initiatives and opens a substantial discussion about these topics in the framework of Zavod Voluntariat mission:

promotion of equality, human rights, sustainable development, global education, volunteering opportunities, cooperation for development.

Our team strives to provide quality activities, among others: workshops, picnics, discussion circles, debates, trainings, networking events designed in line with the needs of locals, who have already participated or want to take part in international volunteering service. Together with Zavod Voluntariat we work on raising awareness about the topics relevant for the modern world and the role of volunteers in helping the most vulnerable target groups: animals, kids, refugees, people endangered with social exclusion but also environment.

We will be happy to welcome you among our members at the upcoming event.

We are always open for your inquiries, ideas and suggestions, feel free to mail us on: club.of.volunteers@gmail.com.

To keep you updated with new activities, please join our FB group:

https://www.facebook.com/groups/1860409324190573/  (disCoVer the World)

If you have 360 seconds spare time, we kindly ask you fill in a questionnaire, which will help us improve our offer (click QR code below):

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