North South Work Camps

North-South Workcamps

At Zavod Voluntariat, we encourage international volunteering in less developed countries with the North-South Exchanges programme. North-South projects allow volunteers to gain insight and understanding of development issues that people of the Global South face everyday. While living in a developing country, the volunteers join the local communities and do voluntary work.


The programmes are designed for volunteers that are 21 years old or over, with previous experience in volunteering or with distinct motivation, and commitment to active participation on a global level.

We wish to attract individuals from different backgrounds with different experiences who are ready to actively tackle global issues. Our goal is to create the possibility of experience and knowledge exchange between inhabitants from the ‘North’ and the ‘South’ by taking part in volunteering.


The North-South Programme includes the following countries:

Botswana, Burkina Faso, Ghana, Gabon, Kenya, Lesotho, Morocco, Mozambique, Namibia, Niger, Senegal, Sierra Leone, Tanzania, Togo, Uganda, Zambia, Zimbabwe

Middle East
Israel, Palestine, Jordan, Turkey

Bangladesh, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Mongolia, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Vietnam

Latin America
Brazil, Ecuador, Mexico, Peru


You can apply to the exchange by sending us an email to, requesting profile activation at the exchange search engine, so we can enable your online application. Then register at the SCI website, and search for the desired camp.

You may be asked to enclose a motivation letter and CV to your application. In your motivation letter, list the extensive reasons why you wish to participate in your chosen project, and add previous experience with teamwork or community work, various competences, what you do in your leisure time, and your life philosophy.

After the application is submitted, we will keep you updated about application progress via email. We will also prepare you for working and living at the camp, and help you in any way before departure.

Since this type of exchange is about countries from the Global South, you can expect to receive an invitation to a free preparatory seminar for volunteers, which is mandatory for everyone who is taking part for the first time in the North-South Exchanges.


Expenses vary from project to project, and for this reason it is recommended to get informed about the situation in the selected host country before the final decision is made. For most exchanges in the non-European countries, volunteers will need to cover the majority of expenses, which include:

  • registration fee per project: 115 EUR
  • travelling costs to the country and any potential local transport costs
  • insurance, vaccination, visa fee
  • usually also accommodation and food (stated in the programme description)

Why Pay for the Accommodation Fee and Food?

Many of the host organisations from Global South countries do not have their own funds to cover the volunteers’ expenses for the project duration. Usually the projects are initiated by small local communities that wish to achieve certain changes and improvements in their own environment through this global partnerships context. Unfortunately, they often do not have sufficient funds to cover volunteer’s needs. Nor does Zavod Voluntariat have sufficient funds to cover volunteers’ travel expenses and accommodation fees in the host country, however it can cover volunteers’ training and mentoring.



We will reply to you as soon as possible, but please be specific in order to receive a helpful answer.

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