For Workcamp Organizers

For Workcamp Organisers

What inspires someone to bring the world to their village? Sometimes organisations want to bring an international volunteering workcamp into their regular activities, having an impact on both a local and global level. Other camps can come from a meeting of the minds, instigators seeking out other organisations with similar goals, asking to collaborate.

In Slovenia there are typically four actors involved in camp organisation and realisation:

  • Zavod Voluntariat: carrying out seminars and training of organisers, providing support and assistance with execution and organisation of camps, and coordination of international volunteers for the camp
  • Partner/camp organiser or partner organisation: applies the projects with regard to the activities or needs of the organisations which contribute to society’s benefit. In accordance with SCI’s values, it provides a work leader. The partner vows to fulfil its duties and obligations in accordance with call for applications of co-organisers.
  • Camp leader: leads the group of volunteers, represents a connection between the work leader, camp leader, volunteers, and…
  • A group of international volunteers

We expect the following of any organisation wishing to organise a workcamp:

  • to understand, share, and support the goals, values and philosophy of Zavod Voluntariat
  • not to treat volunteers as a free workforce, but is in need of their help in a wider context, providing them work that they will be able to perform
  • to ensure that the nature of the volunteer’s work will have an impact on both a local and global scale
  • to agree to terms on which it will host an international group of volunteers for a specific period of time
  • to provide volunteers with funds for food and accommodation
  • to offer study themes at the project


An international workcamp organiser can be any non-government or any other non-profit and informal group wishing to upgrade their activities with an international workcamp. Specific instructions on the camp application process can be found in the international workcamp call for applications. Applicants must send the application by the deadline to After the camp ends, the organisation needs to submit the final camp report. For all additional information and support at camp designing we are available to all potential applicants through contacts in our office.

Anyone without previous experience of camp organising is invited to carefully read the instructions in the call for applicants and to contact us to arrange a meeting to get more details on the organisation procedure.

Instead of finding a camp leader on your own, we can find a national or international volunteer who will be happy to lead the group of volunteers and ensure smooth communication with them before and during the workcamp. Contact us for more details!


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We will reply as soon as possible, but try to be specific in order to receive a helpful answer.

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