For Camp Leaders

For Camp Leaders

Camps organisers sometimes need volunteers who would lead the camps. Leading an international volunteering camp is an adventure of, not only self discovery, but of learning a thousand stories and lives from all over the world. Camp leaders work as a bond between the organiser and the group of volunteers. They lead, organise, coordinate, participate and communicate. Camp leader is an equal member of a group of volunteers, and should avoid hierarchical and authoritative attitudes, as this can result in poor atmosphere and conflicts at the camp.

It is important that a camp leader knows the content of the work and objectives of Zavod Voluntariat and the local organiser, and:

  • is open to intercultural learning
  • has defined ideas about study work and accompanying camp programme
  • has visited or is informed about camp location and organisation, and is familiar with both
  • is the main representative of Zavod Voluntariat, works with the organisation and work leader, communicates with the camp participants, doctors, media and local authorities
  • is well informed about the daily situation on camp location and its vicinity (prices of food, public transport, etc.)


If you would like to run an international camp in Slovenia and have experience with volunteering work, contact our office via e-mail at with words ‘Camp leader’ in the subject.

Each spring, Zavod Volunatriat organises training in the form of lectures and workshops. Along with experience handover from former camp leaders, we provide new leaders with organisational know-how, understanding in the field of group dynamics, and leadership skills.

In addition, we offer the opportunity to train at the annual international seminar abroad, intended for expert training and experience exchange between experienced and new camp leaders from countries all over Europe. After all camps come to an end, we invite camp leaders to an evaluation meeting held in autumn.

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