We all have that space that makes us feel secure during the long and ongoing year of the pandemic. What we want to point out by this project is, that even though we are in different places and come from different backgrounds, the ways we spend our time during the pandemic are alike, our safe spaces might share some similarities and we are all in this together.

With your help and as part of Day of Change initiative by Slovenska Filantropia, we collected photos and created an exhibition of these safe spaces. On Saturday 24. of April we met on Novi trg, Ljubljana. The place was by the river, in the middle of the old Ljubljana center, the restaurants and cafes were just open for the first day after several weeks and the sun was shining… Wonderful day!
(It got even better when we got to read the heartwarming and positive post-its, comments and little drawings from the passerby.)

Now you can also browse through the pictures and see this world made by places where there are no problems and no fear. Take a look by yourself and don’t hesitate to leave a like or comment.

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Where are all these safe spaces from? 

Thanks to everyone who contributed to the collage. We really appreciate that you shared your special place with us.