Work groups

Work Groups


There are several international work groups operating within the SCI organisation, focusing on a specific region or field of work. Work groups were created by different SCI branches, groups, partner organisations or individuals. Their budget and action plan needs to be approved by SCI every year at the international board meeting.

Work groups represent an important tool for individuals meeting with the intent of planning and developing ideas and actions, common to individual organizations.

YUWG (Youth and Unemployment Group)

Voluntariat has been actively participating for several years with the thematic group YUWG, active in the field of young people with less opportunities. The main goal of the platform is to provide to the socially excluded groups of young people the opportunity to actively participate in and exchange experiences in the European context. Activities include youth exchanges, participation in international volunteer camps, individual participation in international short-term projects, coordination meetings, establishing cooperation on projects with Asia and non-European Mediterranean countries and training for youth workers.

SAVA (South-Eastern Europe Working Group)

We are also an active member of SAVA work group, which works in the South-Eastern Europe, mainly in the Balkans.  It was established in 1990 when the turmoil in the former Yugoslavia began.

Their main focus is on:

  • organising exchanges of volunteers with partners,
  • organising trainings and seminars,
  • encouraging new members for organising work camps in line with the SCI ideology,
  • encouraging development in newly founded organisations and
  • promoting SCI peaceful ideology and methods in post-conflicts regions of the Balkans.

‘North-South’ Platform

The ‘North-South’ platform, which operates within the SCI, brings together work groups focused on specific geographic areas – work group for Africa, work group for Asia, MIDI work group for Middle East, and Abya Yala work group for Latin America. Its purpose is to strengthen the cooperation between the European countries and the countries of Asia, Africa, Middle East and Latin America through development of volunteer programmes and programmes of global learning.

Members of the work groups are the representatives of the individual SCI branches and partner organisations, who meet once a year at the platform and work group meeting, with intention to exchange experiences and practice in the area of volunteer exchanges with the partner organisations in the so-called countries of the Global South, and to debate about the opportunities of the further development of the programme and projects between the countries on a global level.


Global Volunteering Work Group

Work group for global volunteering operates within Sloga – the Slovenian platform of non-governmental organisations for development cooperation and humanitarian aid. It mainly combines interested representatives of non-governmental organisations that work in the field of (international) volunteering and global learning. Its purpose is to improve the coordination and connection between similar organizations and other actors in this filed, alongside with contribution to the systematic regulation of the field of global volunteering in Slovenia. The group meets once a month.

EPTO (European Peer Training Organisation)

Voluntariat has been a partner organization for EPTO in Slovenia since 2007, and together with its vision and mission offers a quality transfer of knowledge to the young people. EPTO or European Peer Training Organisation is a European youth non-profit organization, established in Brussels in 1996. The organization combines the unique way of training and experimental learning to fight against all forms of discrimination. One of the organization’s objectives is to educate and support young peer trainers for leading different workshops. Its main purpose is to challenge stereotypes, explore one’s own cultural identity, and raise awareness about diversity and different forms of discrimination. An important aspect of the EPTO philosophy is also tearing down prejudice and shaping the environment with institutional changes, where diversity would be respected. The philosophy is spread mainly with free of charge international seminars for peer trainers, with workshops at secondary schools and different organizations, and through trainings that last from one to several days. The project and the network are supported by the European Union. The majority of the methods used by EPTO, originate from international organisation Anti-Defamation League’s A WORLD OF DIFFERENCE Institute, which is headquartered in the USA. It fights against antisemitism and promotes democratic ideals and civil rights for everyone.

Every volunteer can actively participate in our work group activities.



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