Current Projects

Current Projects

Project: Cultural Diversity as a Learning Tool in Youth Work
Duration: 2017 – 2019
Financier: Erasmus+
Project leader:  Communitiy Action Dacorum
Partners: Asociacion Cultural Integra – Spain

Community Action Dacorum – UK

Pozitiva Doma – Latvia

Vicolocorto – Italy

Project description: Cultural Diversity as a Learning Tool in Youth Work is a 2 years strategic partnership project which starts in January 2017. The project is funded under Erasmus+ and involves 5 organisations from 5 different EU countries.  The project intends to develop community cohesion by insuring diversity for young people through culture and informed opinion.

The project strongly focuses on shared skills, knowledge and methods engaging new people in learning more about cultures from across the globe. During the project young people will be able to engage with the cultures of partner countries by using the platform. The project has been designed to enable each partner to showcase their work and that of other local stakeholders in ensuring that young people engage in informal learning as a tool to achieve appreciation and acceptance of cultural diversity. Within the five countries in the project, there are similarities of approach, but equally there are different demographics, unique features, styles and applications.

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Objectives: – Inclusive education, training and youth

– Promoting empowerment, open to cross-sectorial cooperation, and active citizenship of young people

– Promoting high-quality of youth work

Results:  To be announced
Contact person: Sara Turk,

Musarat Inayat, or +44 1442 253935


Project: Youth Employability via Volunteering 
Duration: December 2016 – October 2018
Financier: European Commission
Project leader: INEX-SDA
Partners: Solidarités Jeunesses – France


INEX-SDA – Czech Republic

Project description: The project is focused on increasing employability of young people by raising acknowledgement of competences gained through volunteering. Through an innovative tool, web interactive application usable on PC and mobiles and attractive for young generation, youth will be able to track and understand well their skills gained through volunteering and present them on the labour market. Involvement of labour market representatives, labour offices and employers in the upgrade of the application, will increase the tool’s acceptance.
Objectives: – Describe status quo of recognition of competences developed in volunteering / non-formal learning by the labour offices and employers

– Develop capacities of NGOs/youth workers to work with volunteering focused on competence development

– Capacitate and equip youth to be able to present their competence development through volunteering for labour market

Results:  To be announced
Contact person: Sara Turk,


Project: Peers To Peace: Peer learning and Peer support for Capacity Building in international volunteer work
Duration: December 2016 – July 2018
Financier: European Commission
Project leader: The Association of Service Civil International
Partners: 26 Sci branches and partners from all around the world
Project description: Service Civil International (SCI) is one of the world’s largest international volunteering organisations dedicated to promoting a culture of peace and foster participation through the organisation and coordination of voluntary projects all over the world. One of the strengths of SCI is that it is a worldwide organisation, with a truly international dimension and multicultural approach to its activities. SCI members have had to develop diverse skills in order to respond to local needs and to best fit with the surrounding society. This richness of points of view contributes to common decisions, and different working styles are applied to carry out common projects. The project will allow an effective knowledge transfer between branches and partners about similar difficulties, though in different contexts, about common tools and skills, or about project management. Moreover, Sci branches and partners will have the chance to empower international cooperation across the network by implementing a constructive dialogue with particular, but not exclusive, focus on the Europe-Asia channel.
Objectives: The project aims to improve the quality of international volunteer and youth activities by fostering cooperation between organizations and increasing capacities of organizations and their activists, while enhancing synergies between various actors working on similar topics including other networks of youth organizations.
Results:  To be announced
Contact person: Sara Turk,


Project: Cultural Diversity as a Learning Tool in Youth Work
Duration: April 2017 – March 2019
Financier: European Commission
Project leader: Dacorum CVS
Partners: Dacorum CVS – UK

Vicolocorto – Italy

Pozitiva Doma – Latvia



Project description: The increased levels of migration within the EU coupled with the arrival of migrant, refugees and asylum seekers from outside the EU has added ever increasing importance to recognising and valuing cultural diversity, in order to ensure harmony within communities in all EU Member States. The project comprises five partners from Italy, Latvia, Slovenia, Spain and UK who are active in the field of young person’s mobility and promoting cultural diversity within their locality. During the project they will be provided with new skills and knowledge to equip youth workers to support young people in their developing healthy and positive opinions.
Objectives: The longer-term benefit of the project is to equip youth workers with a suite of new ideas to enable young people to value and have positive opinions relating to cultural diversity. Additional and very key future benefit will relate to active ongoing co-operation between partners to develop the content and outcomes of this project for the benefit of young people.
Results:  To be announced
Contact person: Sara Turk,


Project: Volunteering in Humanitarian Aid (VolinHA)
Duration: 2016
Financier: French Government, European Commission
Project leader: Zavod Voluntariat
Partners: The European Guild, Humanitarian Logistics Association, Comhlamh, FOCSIV, ActionAid Hellas, Hungarian Volunteer Sending Foundation, Pancyprian Volunteerism Coordinative Council, Esi Labs, France Volontaires
Project description: Partners of the VolinHA project will work together to increase best practice both in the management and implementation of humanitarian aid volunteers in the framework of the EU Aid Volunteers Initiative. As a result, each partner organization will undergo EU Aid Volunteers certification.
Objectives: This project aims at improving the procedures in volunteer management in order to reach the EU’s requirements and standards for certification for sending volunteers to third countries. To do that, the partners have recruited Civic Service Volunteers whose main priority will be working together in order to share best practices and introduce equal standards to humanitarian volunteering in 9 different EU member states. Zavod Voluntariat has recruited one volunteer who will focus on evaluating the strengths and weaknesses of the organization in order to obtain the EU certificate. In addition, the partners will strive to bridge gaps between organizations specialized in humanitarian aid and those specialized in volunteer management.
Results: The final outcome of this project will be the certificate obtained as part of the EU Aid Volunteers initiative, which will allow Zavod Voluntariat to expand its activities into the area of humanitarian work.
Contact person: Katja Celin Yere,

Nina Kocijan,


Project: Medkulturna mreža mladih – Intercultural youth network
Duration: 2016-2018
Financier: Municipality of Ljubljana, Youth office
Project leader: Zavod Voluntariat
Partners: /
Project description: Coordination, organization and formation of international volunteering programs is the basic program of our organization. To the young people that live and go to school in Ljubljana, we enable to take part in several projects all over the world. At the same time, we accept the interested young people from all over the world to the projects in Slovenia. The exchange of volunteers runs both ways, as Voluntariat acts like a sending and hosting organization at the same time. By participating in projects of international volunteer work, young people get to know new surroundings and culture, establish contacts with peers from all over the world, learn foreign languages and get familiar with the issues in different social environments, and at the same time they carry these experiences and activities to their local environment. Practical experiences encourage them to accept diversity, intercultural dialogue, solidarity towards others, recognizing and preventing discrimination, and non-violent way of communicating. Besides that, by participating in international projects, volunteers learn about self-initiative, socially engaged actions and get to know values that are brought up by volunteer work. They transfer their experiences to their local environment and by doing so, strengthen civil-social initiatives. One of the main objectives of the program is also encouraging young people to independent organization of various international events and to cooperate in process of promoting volunteering and training for volunteer work. A significant part of the program is dedicated to integrating the young people with less opportunities and networking with other organizations and actors.
  • coordination, organization and formation of programs for the international participation of young people from Ljubljana, Slovenia, Europe and the world;
  • forming the strategy for effective promotion of integration programs for young people in the international programs of volunteer work;
  • informing young people about the possibilities of participating in international youth projects;
  • including the highest number of young people with less opportunities in international programs of volunteer work;
  • support, education and training;
  • mentoring volunteers, who show readiness of their own engagement for active participation in our programs;
  • coordination and promotion of mid-term and long-term volunteer work projects;
  • preservation of social engagement of volunteers after they have completed the volunteer work and transfer of their experiences to local environment, different actors and other regional non-governmental organization.
Contact person: Sara Turk,


Project: Sofinanciranje programov mladinskega dela v letih 2016 in 2017 – Cofinancing of the youth work programs in the years 2016 and 2017
Duration: 2016-2017
Financier: Office of the Republic of Slovenia for youth
Project leader: Zavod Voluntariat
Partners:  /
Project description: The purpose of the program Voluntariat Institute formed for the year 2016, is development and promotion of the intercultural learning, encouragement of tolerance and solidarity through international volunteer work. We strive for the young people to act as a responsible, active and global citizens within their local communities.
Objectives: The designed program has 4 main objectives:

  1. The development, coordination and carrying out informal educational activities both on international and local level;
  2. The promotion of the organization and the meaning of international volunteer work as an important value and tool for strengthening competences, active citizenship and socio-economic integration into different spheres of social life;
  3. Connecting and networking on a global, European and national level, development of new practices in a field of international volunteering, non-formal learning and youth work, and implementation of advocacy practices;
  4. Evaluation of programs and work for further development and sustainability of the program.
Contact person: Sara Turk,


Project: Aktivni lokalno in globalno – Active locally and globally
Duration: 2016-2018
Financier: Municipality of Ljubljana, Youth Office
Project leader: Zavod Voluntariat
Partners:  /
Project description: The purpose of the programme is to carry out various types of education and trainings for volunteers, youth leaders and trainers. In relation to these, we will start to develop trainings for volunteers via the internet with an emphasis on global learning and global citizenship education.
  • Preparing young people for active and responsible participation in volunteer projects:
  • Informing young people about their rights and obligations within the volunteer work;
  • Preparing young people for intercultural learning, acceptance of diversity, preventing discrimination, solidarity to others, and culture of non-violent conflict solving.
  • Presentation of the positive effects international volunteering has on the young people and local community through encouragement of social engagement of young people.
  • Transfer of knowledge, how to prepare the volunteers for participation in their international volunteer project.
  • Training of young people for independent leading of international volunteer projects and thereby increasing their employment opportunities.
  • Strengthening and promoting ideas of volunteering, encouraging continuous involvement of volunteers with experiences in voluntary work to volunteer programs in our or other organizations with the intention to preserve the obtained knowledge and to forward it further.
  • Strengthening the active role of volunteers and encouragement towards sharing the obtained knowledge and skills in local environment, i.e. enabling and accelerating the exchange transfer between the volunteers. 


Contact person: Katja Celin Yere,




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