So here we are. Entering a sunny warm and cozy office in the middle of beautiful Slovenia as new volunteers of Zavod-Voluntariat.

My name is Michaela, but as Czechs are used to, everyone shorter it as Míša. I am from a city close to Prague in Czech Republic – Příbram.

I came here with a lot of expectations. I want to learn new things and skills, meet new people, dive deeper into NGO work, join some creative processes and make a lot of memories for my photo albums. But also with a car full of important things close to my heart like paint brushes, ukulele, knitting tools and second hand clothes or skateboard. 

What I left home for a while is my job as a freelance copywriter, some leftovers of Journalism and  European studies and my Czech non-profit organization European Youth Centre Břeclav (EYCB). I am the president of this center and I am happy to start the connection between EYCB and Voluntariat plus Slovenia – Czech cooperation the same time. 

In Ljubljana I will be a graphic designer, but besides that I am excited to contribute to new and ongoing projects, events and activities with the whole team.I will also take part in online promotion tasks or website administration.  

And while I am entering that door, I am not alone. My friend who I have known since we were 3 years old is next to me. Apparently we are either great friends, or a little bit clingy. This time it was her, who found this volunteering project D.I.V.E. and discovered two open positions, each suitable for one of us.

And my name is Petra. I come from Příbram as well. I was really excited when I discovered the D.I.V.E. call for participants, because it really stood out from all the opportunities within ESC. What I really liked was that it was offering something like a real job simulation, with the office, colleagues, my own agenda from A to Z, real and graspable skills… I will be a placement officer for SCI and coordinate the activities within the Club of Volunteers.

My area of interest is environment, environmental communication and politics. Since I was little I’ve been playing various musical instruments and singing, and of course I brought my bass guitar here. I adore snow, winter clothes, scarves, hats, gloves, simply everything connected to winter, even snow calamities. I have a weird hobby: teeth – I like brushing them, I enjoy going to dental hygiene and talking about teeth (don’t get me started if you don’t wanna get a 30 minute lecture on interdental brushes).

So for the next 12 months, we will become a part of a local life here in Ljubljana and we hope to see you somewhere in the streets!