The TRAINING on Human Rights, Advocacy & Awareness Raising is now OPEN for application!

brusselsYes, we are citizens! The rights of migrant people, refugees and IVS” is a training where we want to gather activists and local volunteers involved in the thematics of human rights, and especially regarding the topic of migrant people, refugees and the right to citizenship, from the very diverse countries in Europe; and go through a training process in which we will acquire: understanding of the situation of human rights in Europe; exchange of experiences and knowledge from experts and every participant; skills for activism and awareness raising; experience in organising awareness raising activities.

The training is based on the idea that every person (as recognised in the Universal Charter of Human Rights) has the right to a decent life, regardless of the place s/he is living, regardless of the place s/he was born. That every person is entitled to the right of citizenship, participation and basic rights, and that only admitting and promoting this fact will real sustainable societies, democratic societies be built.
We are willing to contribute to this process by training, exchanging and raising awareness with young activists/volunteers from all over Europe and link this to the International Voluntary Service movement.
The aim of the training is also that participants will be empowered to organise awareness raising actions in their countries when they go back, so that the multiplying effect will make that actions on human rights related to migrations, refugees and the right to move will happen and generate debates all over Europe and the world after the training.

APPLY NOW: Please click HERE to complete the online form for the Human Rights, Advocacy and Awareness Raising Training before 9th March 2015 if you don’t require a visa to enter Belgium and as soon as possible if you require a visa.

Attached, please find a detailed CALL and draft programmes of all the trainings and conference for Vision 2 Action project.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any question.

2 Responses to The TRAINING on Human Rights, Advocacy & Awareness Raising is now OPEN for application!

  1. Janak Panthi says:

    Hi there, how are you ?

    I am just writing to know more about the volunteering opportunities. Is it possible for me to apply for any volunteering opportunities with you?
    Furthermore, I am a Nepalese citizen currently residing in Nepal.

    If it is possible, please do let me know.

    Thanking you so much.

    Sincerely yours,

    Janak Panthi

    • admin says:

      Hi Janak!
      Thank you for your message. Unfortunately, most of our activities are meant for Slovene citizens due to the program rules. But you can contact SCI Nepal to see if they have any interesting opportunities for you.
      Voluntariat team

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