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The Global Education Network of Young Europeans (GLEN) is a network of 10 non-governmental and governmental organisations aiming to contribute to a better understanding of global co-dependency, sustainable development, responsible development policy and North-South relations, which are based on equal partnership and mutual respect. GLEN provides informal learning to young people between the ages of 21 and 30 through training and three month voluntary work in countries of the Global South. For more information, contact us at

Who is the Programme Intended For?

  • young people between 21 and 30 years old
  • citizens of one of the 10 EU countries which are members of GLEN Network
  • people who have not participated in the GLEN cycle before
  • those engaged in community development and are interested in volunteering or other social activities
  • those wanting to learn more about and become active in global education
  • those interested in international development, intercultural, and international relations
  • those committed to participating in the entire GLEN training cycle (training seminars, internship in the Global South, Global Education practical phase in Europe, RENew seminar)
  • those wanting to work/volunteer in global education activities in Europe after the cycle

Participation terms:

  • your education and/or professional experience, as well as your skills and qualifications must conform to the requirements of the internships you would like to implement during your GLEN cycle
  • you must have a very good command of English or French (as specified in the internship description)
  • you must have a sufficient command of other languages which might be required (as specified in the internship description)
  • you must have basic knowledge of local language and/or the will to learn it
  • you must have experience with work in intercultural environment


  • participating in three seminars (two trainings and one evaluation seminar)
  • a three month internship in the Global South
  • implementation of global education activities in your home country or on the European level
  • participating in the follow-up RENew seminar


1. Application

    • JANUARY: calls for applications and application forms are published on our website and in various news sources. All other information can be found on GLEN website. You can only apply for the internships that are assigned to Zavod Voluntariat. Please send your application to Your application must include the application form, CV, copies of all necessary documents and certificates. Application submission deadline is determined each year (usually in January).
    • FEBRUARY: selection of participants, notifications about participation, programme and introductory meeting

2. Training seminars

    • APRILJUNE: the training cycle begins for the participants with two Multipliers Training Seminars which equip them with skills needed as global educator and prepare them for their stay in the Global South. Dates and locations of training seminars are determined every year.

3. Internship in the Global South

  • The internship at the host organisations in Africa, Asia, South-East Europe and Latin America usually takes place between JULY and OCTOBER, and it lasts for three months.

4. Global education activities in Slovenia and Europe

  • Sometime between NOVEMBER and MARCH participants need to implement a global education activity in Slovenia or somewhere in Europe. Examples of activities: photographic exhibition, workshop or activity at school, newspaper articles, radio or television documentaries, seminars at faculties, campaign or festival collaboration, etc.

5. Evaluating internship in the country of Global South and global education activities at RENew seminar

  • All returned participants of the GLEN training cycle meet again for 4 days in MARCH at RENew seminar (Seminar for Review, Engagement and Networking), exchange their experience and prepare their future engagement in global education. The date and location of the seminar is determined each year.


Participants in the programme receive a lump sum for covering visa fees, vaccination, travel expenses, accommodation, food and pocket money for the duration of stay in the country (the amount of financial subsidies/grants is set by the programme on an annual basis and depends on the country of stay). Expenses of training and evaluating meeting (accommodation and food) are covered, and participants receive a subsidy for travel expenses.


Zavod Voluntariat once again invites young people between 21 and 30 years of age to participate in global education activities and to experience a three month voluntary internship in Ghana and India.

Application form in English needs to be filled in for every individual project. Enclosed motivation letter should include answers to questions from the application form. Enclose your CV (Europass) as well.

Send completed application by February 5th 2017 to

Based on applications we will make a preliminary selection of 4 candidates, 2 per each project. The final selection for individual projects will be made by the GLEN executive committee.

Before filling in the application, please visit the GLEN website.

More information on this year’s projects:


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