Tabori v letu 2016

Tabor “International camp with a view”
21. – 28.6.2016

Organizator: Center za idrijsko dediščino, Idrija

The main aim of the organisation Idrija Geopark is conservation of natural heritage, development of geotourism and rural sustainable development. As a UNESCO Global Geopark they have been part of Unesco program IGGP since 2015. On the Vojsko plateau there have been several cycling and hiking paths as well as many viewpoints that need to be maintained. The main task of the working camp was restoration of the walking path in length approximately 300 m and the hill top with the orientation tower (1129 m altitude). The participants were also included in the local cultural festivity with arranging the festivity site. As a volunteer group they were present at the official part of the program.

Tabor “Happy English & German Camp”
25.6. – 9.7.201617.7. – 30.7.201630.7. 13.8.201613.8. – 27.8.2016
Organizator: RIS dvorec Rakičan
Every summer RIS Dvorec Rakičan organizes English camps (this year they also organized German camp) for Slovene children coming from different regions of Slovenia. During the camp, children learn foreign language (English/German) through play, sport games, music, art and cultural activities. This camp also offers all children equal opportunities and makes no social differences. Children socialize with each other, get familiar with their companions and spend the summer in the arms of nature. Activities are organized and well planned with the help of children, according to weather conditions and other organizational conditions. They involve volunteers from all around, thus adding value to the project and providing intercultural learning for children and for the volunteers as well.
Tabor “Kamfest 2016 Festival Workcamp”
8.8.– 24.8.2016
Organizator: Zavod Mladinski center Kotlovnica Kamnik
Kamfest is a summer festival that takes place in a picturesque town of Kamnik and is the biggest cultural event in this part of Slovenia. This year, in its 14th edition, it took place from 8th August to 24th August. The festival combines all types of culture and performing arts, although music represents its core. The festival has grown bigger and bigger over the years, so the organization was happy to organize a voluntary workcamp for the sixth year in a row, as it adds an international perspective that enriches the entire town during the time of the festival.

Tabor “Launching Young Cultures Out to World”
16.8. – 29.8.2016


Organizator: Mladinski center Velenje

The Youth Centre Velenje has been very active in its local environment. They already had two work camps in the organization (2014, 2015). For them it was a wonderful experience.  The work camp was also very well accepted in the local community and also among workers at the festival. That is why they decided to go one step further and try cooperating the work camp into the festival work.

The purpose of the camp was to ensure the support for public relations at the Festival of young cultures Kunigunda. They did that with production of journalistic texts on the subject of youth work and youth culture in foreign languages, especially in English. The participants contributed to international visibility of the festival and they also helped to motivate the team.

Tabor “Art diStrict”
22.8. – 31.8.2016
Organizator: Zavod Carnica
Art diStrict welcomed artists, architects, urban researchers and creative people to participate in a renovation of an empty house with a garden, located in the forthcoming cultural district of the old city of Kranj (52 000 inhabitants). The camp took place as a part of art festival »Rock, paper, scissors« organized by Layer House, centre of art and culture, as well as an artist-in-residency centre. The main objective of the camp was to reuse one of many empty spaces in Kranj and make a new and appealing art intervention that will break ground for young local artists to continue the work and make something new of it. The aim of the camp was to address community-based exhibition, production and social spaces, as well as to question (and turn around) the nature of gallery and urban art.
Tabor “Paraplegics & Quadriplegics Camp for International Volunteers”
25.8. – 1.9.2016
Organizator: Društvo paraplegikov Ljubljanske pokrajine
The volunteers helped paraplegics and quadriplegics (the members of the association).Their main job was preparing the meals and taking care of house cleanliness. Also they talked with members and spent time together, playing chess and cards. The volunteers did not need to help the members in a sense of personal hygiene or any other ”personal” things. During the camp they organized some tours around Bela Krajina, they visited the capital city Ljubljana and took a trip to Postojna caves.


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