In Slovenia, Voluntariat, which operates within the SCI network, spreads peace views, ideas on sustainable development, connecting with the third world in inter-generational activities, through freedom to work in other projects. Above all, we want to offer local organizations an opportunity to make their activities intercultural in such a way as to spread our philosophy, so we help them by providing international volunteers, offer support with the knowledge we have in organizing camps and prepare seminars for education.

Service Civil International (SCI) je mednarodna, mirovniška, prostovoljska organizacija, ki  zastopa vrednote kot so: volunteering, nonviolence, human rights, solidarity, respect for the natural environment, involvement, cooperation and acceptance, encouraging a fairer society and quality co-habitation of diversity.In light of these values ​​we also carry out our primary activities - international short-term volunteer work camps. These are an open space for a colorful, intercultural life, understanding and the work of volunteers from different countries, as well as an opportunity to eliminate prejudice through international integration. Because they are so embedded in the wider environment, they spread their values ​​and the philosophy of tolerant in solidarity living locally on a global scale. The beginnings of SCI date back to the years after the First World War, when the foundation stone was laid by Pierre Cérésole. In the spirit of his peaceful attitudes, he united the people of the opposing sides of France and Germany and united them in volunteer work of rebuilding a war-torn village.


The mission of Voluntariat is to promote the ideas of peace, social justice, sustainable development and international cooperation and solidarity through volunteer work and voluntary projects. We believe that international volunteering is beneficial for the personal development of the individual, for the promotion of social justice, intercultural learning and education for peace and tolerance. Our vision is a world of peace, social justice and sustainable development, where people live together with mutual respect without inciting any form of violence and with a view to resolving conflicts.

Core values of the Voluntariat Institute and SCI:

  • VOLUNTEERING in terms of self-initiative, without striving for material payments, and for the well-being of civil society, as a method and fighting for social change, but not in competition with paid labor, nor in contributing to strikes
  • NONVIOLENCE as a principle and method
  • HUMAN RIGHTS respect for individuals as stated in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights
  • SOLIDARITY between people at all levels
  • RESPECT FOR THE NATURAL ENVIRONMENT and the ecosystem of which we are a part and on which we depend
  • INCLUSION / ACCEPTANCE to be open and inclusive to all individuals who share the goals and purposes of the movement, regardless of gender, race, religion, nationality, social status or political views and other possible grounds for discrimination
  • ENCOURAGING encouraging and training people to understand and work towards transforming the social, cultural and economic structures that affect their lives at all levels
  • COOPERATION with local communities as well as with other local, national and international actors in order to strengthen the positive potential of civil society


  • we offer comprehensive support to volunteers:from short-term forms of volunteering (international volunteer camps, youth exchanges and seminars) to long-term (European Voluntary Service, long-term volunteering under SCI and GLEN programs),
  • We also pay special attention to socially deprived groups of volunteersespecially young people with special needs, within the Sheltered placement and Youth and Unemployment Working Group - YUWG programs,
  • we organize volunteer projects together with local organizations in the field of protection of natural and cultural heritage, peacekeeping, assistance to deprived social groups, etc.,
  • We organize education and training of volunteers and their mentors in order to spread the idea of volunteer work,
  • we support individuals and groups in volunteering in local communities,
  • we monitor and evaluate the projectswe support, both in the local and wider context, and we take care of publishing the results,
  • we inform about the possibilities of volunteer work in Slovenia and around the world, and
  • we engage in international actionsthat promote the participation of people of different nationalities, cultures and political views in the belief that understanding between different national groups can lead to coexistence and peaceful resolution of conflicts between nations.

International volunteering preserves all elements of volunteering and can be carried out in various fields. The special feature of international volunteering is that volunteers do not work in their own country, but also contribute to the recognition of the interdependence of all communities in the world. As such, it offers an alternative way of spending free time and at the same time encourages us to transfer the ideas and experiences we gain by acting on a global scale to activities in the local environment.

Its foundations are intercultural and international exchangeswhich are divided into short-term (up to two months), medium-term (two to six months) and long-term (more than six months) volunteering. Volunteers do their work without expecting a monetary reward and with their work they strive to improve the quality of life, while facing processes such as learning, cultural awareness, adjusting priorities, acquiring new skills and acquaintances.