We specialize in obtaining grants and executing volunteering projects. Every organization or school could use a few extra volunteer hands - we'll gladly help you find them!

The most common answer to the volunteering needs or organizations and schools are workcamps and the European Solidarity Corps. To figure out which one is right for you, read their descriptions below.

If you're interested in any of the programs or your needs don't fit in either of them, contact us at info@zavod-voluntariat.si and we will find a solution the is right for you!


An international workcamp is a place where people of any nationality, belief, and religion live and work together for two to three weeks on a nonprofit project organized by a local organization.

Most camps are held in the summer months, and each is attended by 6 to 20, sometimes even 50 or more individuals who volunteer and socialize with the locals. International camps mean selfless giving of help or work that is not paid. They are organized in such a way that a group of volunteers works from six to eight hours a day, and the rest of the time there are study topics, trips, excursions and other leisure activities. Camps can also be special: children’s, mixed-age camps or camps for families, etc.


The organizer has to provide appropriate accommodation and food;
Participants cover the cost of the application fee (used for processing and insuring them). They also pay their own travel costs.


Volunteering project are carried out under the European Solidarity Corps program of the European Union. ESC is aimed at young people aged 18 to 30 inclusive and enables them non-formal education within an international volunteer project..

Thus, you can host young people to perform various tasks in your organization from one to twelve months (graphic design, language support at school, workshops for children, organization of projects,..)


The ESC program covers all costs of the volunteer: travel expenses, rent, language course, transport to work, insurance, food and pocket money. The organizer is obliged to help them with this (finding an apartment, buying tickets for public transport).