DIY – competence incubator is a KA2 Strategic Partnership project co/funded from Erasmus+ funds. Within the initiative two organisations: Polish Senfineco Association and Slovenian Voluntariat Institute are aiming at developing a recognition of volunteering as a tool for personal and professional growth. With this primary goal, during 12 months of the project duration, two initiative groups from both countries are going to work on the following:


  • Empowering volunteers and ex-international volunteers to take responsibility for gaining crucial competences.
  • Promoting values and benefits of volunteering for youth without such experience
  • Enabling recognition and development of already acquired competencies for ex-international volunteers
  • Creating a functional space for networking and self-development of youth based on non-formal, peer-to-peer learning for ex-volunteers and youth without such experience

Together with Voluntariat Institute, members of Senfineco Association created a plan of various activities,which are going to lead to achieve the previously mentioned goals:

  • setting up a Club of Volunteers in Poland based on a good practice from Slovenian partner
  • development of the digital map with offer of local volunteering activities dedicated to youth both in  Łódź and Ljubljana
  • develop a cooperation with local high schools and youth centres
  • organization of two blended mobilities focused at empowerment and strengthening youth with international experiences abroad – Erasmus, EVS, ESC and other programs. 

Throughout the project initiative groups will work together using online and offline tools, during transnational project meetings and blended mobilities by exchanging good practices between experienced and young organisation. 

The spark for the project was a need of establishing the follow up plan for ex-volunteers, Erasmus students and other young people with international experience. We used to observe youth lacking the plan after their mobilities, eager to stay active in the local and international dimension, encouraged with the broadening horizons experience. Taking advantage of the long experience of Zavod Voluntariat in the volunteering sphere, we are  aiming at building a qualitative offer of activities and competence incubator for youth from our region.