Cultural Diversity as a Learning Tool in Youth Work


Cultural Diversity as a Learning Tool in Youth Work is a 2 year strategic partnership project which starts in January 2017. The project is funded under Erasmus+ and involves 5 organisations from 5 different EU countries: Community Action Dacorum (UNITED KINGDOM), Zavod Voluntariat (SLOVENIA), Pozitiva Doma (LATVIA), Vicolocorto (ITALY), Asociacion Cultural Integra (SPAIN).  The project intends to develop community cohesion by insuring diversity for young people through culture and informed opinion.


The project strongly focuses on shared skills, knowledge and methods engaging new people in learning more about cultures from across the globe. During the project young people will be able to engage with the cultures of partner countries by using the platform. The project has been designed to enable each partner to showcase their work and that of other local stakeholders in ensuring that young people engage in informal learning as a tool to achieve appreciation and acceptance of cultural diversity. Within the five countries in the project, there are similarities of approach, but equally there are different demographics, unique features, styles and applications.


During the project there will be five short-term staff training events with 40 mobilities plus local participants (months 7, 11, 14, 19 & 22) and two blended mobility of young people (month 14 and 22).Seven training event reports (short-term joint staff training and blended mobility of young people) will be published outlining the programme, learning objectives and outcomes, identifying good practice and participant feedback.

After the training the Good Practice Guide on Creative Use of Cultural Diversity in Youth Work will be prepared. 2 videos from Blended Mobility will be created sharing creative way of intercultural dialogue among young people.


The project is funded under Erasmus+.

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For more information please contact the Project Manager Musarat Inayat at or +44 1442 253935

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