Travel Documents

Travel Documents

Before embarking on a shorter or longer volunteering path, please check the following documents:

  • validity of personal and other documents,
  • provide a (certified) copy of passport or ID card, and keep it separate from the original document and a spare photograph in case of document loss,
  • check which documents are required to enter the countries that you will pass on your way, whether you require a visa or vaccination certificate along with passport,
  • if you will be using a car or any other means of transport at volunteer work, check if the Slovenian driver licence is valid in the host country. Majority of the European countries recognize Slovenian driving license, while some explicitly demand that you have international driving license.


If you are going to your first volunteer experience in the country outside the EU’s borders, it is advisable to enquire whether a visa is required for entering the country.

Visa is a permission to enter a country, which is issued by a diplomatic consular office in Slovenia or EU member states. You can only obtain a visa if you have a valid passport, and if the validity of a passport is at least 3 months longer than the validity of a visa.

Volunteers that are travelling to the countries which require a visa for Slovenian citizens usually get a travel visa, as the procedure is shorter and simpler. In a case when this is not possible or when this is a longer period, you will receive an invitation letter at Voluntariat Institute from the host country for arranging the visa.

You need to obtain a visa in time at the foreign country’s diplomatic or consular office in charge of issuing visas.


If you are going to the countries of the Global South, we advise that you get all the necessary information on compulsory vaccination or any other medical instructions for the country you are traveling to. If you are travelling to the areas where there is a danger of epidemic, necessarily check for any potential preventive measures on the website of Ministry of Health or European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control.

Vaccination against yellow fewer is obligatory/advised in some countries, while others demand vaccination certificate, even if you are just passing the country where the yellow fever is present. That is why we recommend that you have a certificate with you at all time during your volunteer work.

Protection against malaria (pills) is advisable in many countries. The list of countries and recommended protection change from year to year, so the data needs to be checked regularly at WHO and European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control.

If needed, prepare a supply of basic medicine and carry it with you in hand luggage.

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