What We Do

What We Do


Through our work so far, we have developed a wide range of services:

  • We offer full support to volunteers, both in short-term (international volunteer camps, youth exchanges and seminars) and long-term volunteering (European Voluntary Service, long-term voluntary work within the SCI programmes and the GLEN programme);
  • we give special attention to the underprivileged social groups of volunteers, especially young people with special needs, mainly through the Shelter Placement and Youth and Unemployment Working Group programmes;
  • we organise volunteering projects together with local organisations in the field of protection of natural and cultural heritage, peace activism, aid to disadvantaged social groups, etc.
  • we organise the education and training for volunteers and their mentors in order to disseminate the idea of voluntary work;
  • we support individuals and groups in their volunteering efforts in local communities;
  • we monitor and evaluate projects that we support, in both a local and wider context, and arrange for the publication of results;
  • we inform about the possibilities of voluntary work in Slovenia and worldwide; and
  • we participate in international campaigns that promote cooperation of people of different nationalities, cultures and political views, in the belief that mutual understanding between various national groups can lead to harmony and peaceful settlement of conflicts between nations.

International volunteering retains all the elements of voluntary work and can be implemented in various fields. The speciality of international voluntary work is that volunteers do not work in their own country, but instead their work contributes to the recognition of the interdependence of all communities in the world. As such, it offers alternative leisure time activities and also encourages the transfer of ideas and experiences gained at the global level to the local environment.

Its foundations lie in the intercultural and international exchanges, which are divided into short-term (up to two months), medium-term (between two and six months) and long-term volunteering (longer than six months). Volunteers carry out the work without expectation of financial reward, and aim to improve the quality of life, while experiencing processes such as learning, cultural awareness, adapting priorities, and acquiring new skills and acquaintances.

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