Training for youth workers FACE IT

::Written by Katja Zgoznik::

I was participating a Training course for youth workers in Budapest called FACE IT.

We were supposed to, and also did learn, improve and boost our skills as Youth workers, because we had Trainers, which I believe that I can say in the name of us all, were incredible. They taught us, cared for us, laugh with us and even danced with us.We were a mix of people from Slovenia, Hungary, Croatia, Greece, Ireland, Portugal, Italy, Ukraine, and Mozambique. It was the kind of a multicultural adventure, which I admire and fully enjoy everytime I’m in one.

It’s helping me also to improve my English, and I can witness the beautiful sounds of other languages, which are like special melodies that I have the privilege to listen to. For me, it’s crazy and magical and so beautiful at once, when I think about that we are all humans, and yet we have so many, many different words of communication and ways to connect to each other. It’s so wonderful to experience different languages in the flesh and bone happening, I’m amazed by that every time again and again that it happens.

I’ve also visited a friend who lives in Budapest, which I meet in another project in Slovenia. We were at a party where I was introduced to people from America, Brazil, Azerbaijan, Japan and other countries I can’t even remember anymore. I meet a girl who gave me a great gift of trusting me in only minutes of knowing each other … Thank you for that.

We had workshops which purpose was also to connect us as a team and to learn not only from each other but especially about each other, and personally, I’d like that part the most. With every day I felt the deepening of trust, caring, understanding, or all together, love. I was admiring and enjoying so many things not only by participating in them but also simply by observing. I saw a girl, who saw and felt the snow for the first time in her life. I saw a gigolo with a tender heart. I saw a person struggling with another language, fearing of failing, and after two days, enjoying every moment of learning and participating in every activity we had in the workshop, and out of them.

I saw women who spoke their culture through their bodies with gestures, I only saw in movies before, but now I have memories of my own. I saw a girl, with a humor I loved and the cutest accent I’ve heard, having the wish to open up more, and witnessing that. In a fully crowded room, I saw the sharing of tears, stories, and laughter, also kisses and hugs.

The last night we all enjoyed listening to a persons singing, who changed the meaning of Adele’s Someone like you, for me, forever.I’ve got an envelope with the sweetest messages, from one person in particular, which I have to admit, I miss the most.

I’m somebody who also enjoys time on my own. Especially at night, I love to walk through the city’s night lights and listen to music. I pictured myself doing that at the ends of the days in Budapest, but I never had time … never had the wish to do so. I was so enchanted by the company I had, I did not want to miss a moment.

Thank you all, for that experience <3

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  1. Your blog is a fresh view at an old issue. Thank you! I am sharing this!

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