SCI workcamps in Slovenia

What are workcamps?

They are short term voluntary projects organized by SCI. The workcamps are organized in cooperation with SCI branches and partner organizations, who cooperate with local communities.

What will you gain from participating in a workcamp?

It offers you the opportunity to volunteer with people from different countries, cultures and backgrounds and to live and work together with local communities for a period from two to three weeks. The projects place a strong emphasis on intercultural learning and include elements of peace education.

Why should you apply to a workcamp?

Because you will be contributing to build a culture of peace among people, as workcamps aim to break down barriers between people and develop intercultural understanding.


SCI is a non profit organisation and therefore able to keep participation fees low. This makes the workcamps accessible to people with fewer resources. In some countries SCI has special programmes for young people with fewer opportunities that facilitate their participation in short term projects.

There are many different projects to choose from. These is the list with the short term volunteer programs organized in Slovenia in 2018:

 If you’re not convinced yet, read some workcamp’s story on our blog 😉

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