4 EVS projects in Iceland


Are you interested in the life up North? And by that we don’t mean just the long days and nights, but also their unique understanding of social issues.

If your answer is yes, you can become one of the 5 volunteers that will take part in 4 different EVS projects in Iceland. 🙂

All the projects are 12 months long, starting in February 2017. The deadline for application is 11th September 2016.

  • Vin is a day centre for the mentally ill run by the Red Cross in Iceland.  The aim of the center is to socially integrate otherwise isolated mentally ill people to help them to change their routines and add something extra to their lives. The candidates must be over 23!
  • Konukot is an emergency night shelter for homeless women in Reykjavík, open daily between 5 pm and 10 am. The main purpose is to provide guests with basic needs; shelter, food, clothes, and a clean safe environment. The guests often deal with substance abuse problems. The candidates must be female, over 23, and willing to work night shifts!
  • Sælukot kindergarten is looking for 2 volunteers. Sælukot kindergarten is run after a neo-humanistic ideology where the focus is on vegetarian, vegan, yoga and meditation. The volunteer will be an assistant in the classroom. The volunteer should be interested in the neo-humanism ideology and working with children.
  • Salvation Army Iceland is run on christian beliefs and does numerous work in Iceland to assist people in various situations in life. The volunteer is asked to help out at a soup kitchen and at a center for people with lesser opportunities, as well as assisting with creative work and at Hertex, a second-hand market.

You can find more detailed information on all the projects here.

You can apply directly to the Icelandic organization by sending your CV and motivation letter to evs@aus.is.

2 Responses to 4 EVS projects in Iceland

  1. Michal Nýdr says:

    I already missed your deadline but Perhaps here is chance That you still have some different offer. I am a student from Czech Republic and I search volunteering from February to August 2017.

    Some information:
    Educational background (beginning with the most recent):
    The Janáček Academy of Music and Performing Arts – this is one of two academies of music and the dramatic arts in Brno, Theater managment with focus to Theater technologies (I’m taking a gap year)
    College of Arts for music instruments and furniture in Hradec Králové, Building of musician instruments – guitar (graduate with state matura exam) / most popular Petrof piano industry
    Middle School promotion creation and printing in Velké Poříčí (change for a College of Arts)
    Secundary school theatre arts Střezina in Hradec Králové – courses Literary dramatic preparation and Applied arts

    International experiences:
    At first to act as comparse – in my fourteen years with two french performers (director Dominique Houdart) – they announced a auditions (since than I want learned french language). We were masked on (all body) costumes and on rehearsals we did attentively and disciplined rehearsed choreography and improvise on festival in town.
    Here Center – for short time in august 2016 I was to resided here when I travel on and before than I was to blow this joint. I stay with a very variety international community, they look me volunteery center in village and let me help with reconstruction old fish factory – where was place for open minde tihinking and speaking. With people whom spoke with different accent of English. I was good pleasure to volunteering here.
    on theatre festivals European regions (2014, 2015) with some English company (good leader Daniel Hernandez) – i learnt doing living theatre, dancing and most about atmospheric light and sound.

    • admin says:

      Hi Michal!
      Thank you for your message, however we are currently not searching for any EVS volunteers. The next call for EVS volunteers will be published in summer 2017. If you are interested in doing an Erasmus+ internship, please send an e-mail to programi@zavod-voluntariat.si to see if there will be any positions available soon.
      Good luck!

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