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Club of volunteers is back in town

Many times youth are encouraged to participate in all kinds of workshops and training courses in order to gain and improve their competences. But since we believe we have to give and not only to gain we have a challenge for you. How great would it be if you could use or gain competences while strengthening the local community and promoting civic participation, social justice, intercultural learning, peace, human rights, and sustainability?

The TRAINING on Human Rights, Advocacy & Awareness Raising is now OPEN for application!

brusselsYes, we are citizens! The rights of migrant people, refugees and IVS” is a training where we want to gather activists and local volunteers involved in the thematics of human rights, and especially regarding the topic of migrant people, refugees and the right to citizenship, from the very diverse countries in Europe; and go through a training process in which we will acquire: understanding of the situation of human rights in Europe; exchange of experiences and knowledge from experts and every participant; skills for activism and awareness raising; experience in organising awareness raising activities.

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